1. Students are expected to attend the college regularly. Parents/ Guardians are instructed to ensure the students are regular at the college so they do not need tuition and the parents/guardians do not have to bear extra costs.
  2. According to the college/university rules, the students must have a minimum of 75% attendance in each subject.
  3. If the attendance of the student in an education year set by the education deparment is found less than 75%, they will be either expelled or according the college/university rules they exam form will not be sent. Even if the attendance of the student becomes less than 75% after the exam form is sent, roll number slip will not be issued. Decision of the Principal and the college council will be final.
  4. Students must get their leave application approved before taking any leaves. The application must have the signature of the parent/ guardian. Taking more than 10 leaves without getting the application approved will get the student expelled from the college and the student has to give application to join the college again. The decision of the principal is final. Rejoining fee is Rs. 500. Rejoining can be done once in an educational year.
  5. In case of a medical reason, maximum of 10 days leave can be taken. For more than 3 days medical leave, the medical certificate must be provided. In case of any contagious disease the student will not be allowed to come to the college till she provided a fitness certificate.
  6. Leave without application fine will be Rs. 5 per period. This fine will be taken before the fee submission or final exam.
  7. Students who bunk the classes regularly will be expelled from the college. Decision of the principal and the student council is final.
  8. Students with more than 90% attendance and the most punctual student will be give prizes in the yearly prize distribution ceremony.