To ensure discipline and high standard of education in the college, following are a few instructions for the students.

  1. Discipline must be maintained in the classroom and the ground
  2. Avoid any destruction of property of the college otherwise the loss will be recovered from the student.
  3. Students must talk with the college principal, teachers, fellow students and the college staff in a polite manner. Impolite behavior will be dealt strongly.
  4. Read the notice board daily.
  5. Observe good manners and etiquettes and respect the islamic and pakistani values.
  6. Students must take permission before entering the classrooms and college offices.
  7. Talking in a loud voice in the classroom, corridors and in the lawn is out of etiquettes.
  8. Students must cooperate with the proctors and girl guides as they are working under the college management’s instructions.
  9. Students must attend the college regularly and reaching in class on time is their responsibility.
  10. Do not waste water and electricity.
  11. College rules and regulations must be followed and maintain discipline and harmony and do not get involved in any immoral activity.
  12. Students must bring their parents / guardians with them on the parents teacher meeting day. So as they are given permission to sit in the next exam.
  13. Students can contact the students affair committee for their problems.
  14. Eating and partying is not allowed in the classrooms.
  15. Parties including birthday parties are not allowed in the college. Students who break this rule will be expelled from the college.
  16. MiLLRRpoTMobile phones are not allowed as per the instructions of the education department. If a student is caught using a mobile, their mobile will be confiscated and will not be returned.