Other Details

College Leaving / Expulsion Rules

  1. College leaving application must be signed by the father/ guardian.
  2. Any student will not be allowed to leave the college till all the dues including library dues are cleared.
  3. The students must pay all the fee and fine otherwise they will be expelled from the college.
  4. Any student who remains absent for 10 days continuously or otherwise without an application, does not pay the college dues, or bunks classes regularly will be expelled from the college.
  5. Education and moral upbringing of the students can be done better by the collaboration of both the parents and the teachers. Any students who without reason bunks classes, their parents will be informed in form of a letter. If the parents/ guardians do not contact the principal/ relevant teachers, the principal/ relevant teachers may take action will be final.



Uniform if assigned for all the students and all the students must follow it.

  1. Uniform must be of white shalwar qameez. Dupata cover according the class color. Shoes of black color. In winter grey color jersey and shawl.
  2. The uniform must be of Pakistani cotton. The dress cloth should not be thin.
  3. Shirt be full sleeves, simple and of round neck.
  4. Net, silk or jorjet dupata is not allowed,
    Dupata Color coding is as follows;
  5. Closed black shoes with white socks.
  6. Students are not allowed to wear any jeweler. If a student is found wearing jewelry, the jewelry will be confiscated and will be returned.
  7. Students are not allowed to wear any type of makeup. Students found breaking this rule will be expelled from the college. Decision of the principal will be final in this.
  8. Uniform is checked every day. Any students who fails to follow the uniform code will be fined Rs 20 per day. Parents are required to ensure proper uniform dressing of their daughters.
  9. The students who wear a hijab must wear a muslin hijab.


Library Rules

  1. Library is open during the college hours. It is mandatory for every student to be its member.
  2. Every student can issue two books from the library for fourteen days.
  3. A fine of Re. 1 will be charged if the books are kept longer than 14 days
  4. Following books cannot be issued from the library
    1. Reference Books
    2. Magazines
  5. A student cannot issue books on another students card,
  6. Library security fee shell be returned upon the end of the board/university year. Final date for this will be announced according to exams dates.
  7. Library card and security form must be presented to get back the library security fee.

Note: Library security fee must be collected within two years after the education year ends, After this the fee will not be returned.


Co-curricular Activities

The college organizes various activities to encourage and polish the students in their fields of interest, in which the students take part enthusiastically. The activities are held in each society under the supervision and security of their respective heads. The societies in the college are;

  • Quaid e Azam Society
  • Allama Iqbal Society
  • National Days Society
  • Punjabi Society
  • islamiyat Society
  • Social Work Society
  • Poetry Society
  • Fine arts Society
  • Education and learning society
  • Urdu Society
  • English Society
  • Dramatical Society


Books Bank

A books bank has been setup for the deserving students which provides them with course books for the educational year. It is the responsibility of the students to return the books at the time to getting the result card, Students who pass out can deposit their books in the books bank.


College Magazine

Hareem e Adab

Editor in chief: Mrs. Asma Mahjabeen
In-charge English section: Mrs. Uzma Saleem
In-charge Urdu section: Mrs. Shaheen Haroon
In-charge Pubjabi section: Dr. Khalida Tasneem


Girl Guiding and Proctorial Board

Proper training of girl guiding is provided in the college and a student proctorial board is created to assist in the college management and educational matters. It is compulsory for all the students.


Bus Service

  • The students who want to avail the bus service should get a bus card. Without the bus card use of the bus is not allowed.
  • First year and third year students should apply for the bus card at the time of the admission. Applications received after might be rejected due to non availability of the seats on the bus.
  • Second year and forth year students are to deposit the bus fee with the admissions fee which will be deducted every month as per the government order. A receipt will be given of the fee.
  • In case of nonpayment of the fee, the student will not be allowed on the bus.
  • Students who will be traveling on the bus without paying the fee, the bus charges will be collected at the time of the providing the roll number slip.


I.D Card

  • College I.D card is compulsory for the students which should be applied for within 10 days of the session starts.
  • Every student is to provide two additional photos with the admissions form for this purpose.
  • All the students are required to present their I.D card upon inspection.
  • In case the I.D card is lost the fine for the new card is Rs. 100/-


Tutorial Group

Tutors are selected from the teachers and are assigned to the students who are responsible for the students educational record, discipline and resolving any problems the students might face.


Parent Teacher Coordination Society

A Parent Teacher coordination society has been setup in the college. It is compulsory for the parents to meet the teachers every three months to know the educational status of the students.


Financial Aid

Students of F.A/F.Sc./B.A/B.Sc. who seek financial aid, they can submit an applicationĀ  to the college. The application forms are available in the office.