Uniform if assigned for all the students and all the students must follow it.

  1. Uniform must be of white shalwar qameez. Dupata cover according the class color. Shoes of black color. In winter grey color jersey and shawl.
  2. The uniform must be of Pakistani cotton. The dress cloth should not be thin.
  3. Shirt be full sleeves, simple and of round neck.
  4. Net, silk or jorjet dupata is not allowed,
    Dupata Color coding is as follows;
  5. Closed black shoes with white socks.
  6. Students are not allowed to wear any jeweler. If a student is found wearing jewelry, the jewelry will be confiscated and will be returned.
  7. Students are not allowed to wear any type of makeup. Students found breaking this rule will be expelled from the college. Decision of the principal will be final in this.
  8. Uniform is checked every day. Any students who fails to follow the uniform code will be fined Rs 20 per day. Parents are required to ensure proper uniform dressing of their daughters.
  9. The students who wear a hijab must wear a muslin hijab.